My scrapbook heaven

Posted: 18. October 2010 by antigirl29 in Mrs Draper, superkvinner

Lately I’ve been into scrapbooking. You know, that beautiful art of gluing lovely images and objects together in nice albums to make them last forever. What a great idea that is.

My husband, the beloved mr Draper, thought I should take up a new hobby, that it would be good for me. And so I did, and I have to say scrapbooking really is something. In this digital era, you know, where no one keeps a single photo album anymore because they have them all on their personal computer, there is such a satisfaction in picking up your scissors and your glue and start collecting your favorite items. Oh, how much love there is in scrapbooking. Also, if you think about it, you never know how long your digital data will last. But you do know that a good scrapbook, now that is something that will outlive generations.

I didn’t start making anything yet, but here’s a couple of things I’d like to put in my very first scrapbook:


The very first shoes I bought with money I earned all by myself. I guess this seems silly now, but the shoes really were tres chic back then. And earning your own money was admirable, especially when you didn't have to.



This really isn't my picture, but it sure reminds me of how I looked going to the beach that one time. Boy, that really was one hot summer.



My very first kitchen machine. My friend told me life would never be the same after getting this. It never was. And neither were my cakes



The first baby crib we bought. I guess it reminds me of many sleepless nights. But that is also a part of my life, right?


What do you think?


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